Glossary of Heart: Lust vs. Passion

October 22, 2014
 min read

Lust is a craving for something, like food, sex, or power to stop our heart’s hunger. Lust functions on the fear that our heart’s desires will not be met unless we seduce, manipulate, or beg. Lust also has a desperate quality, a sense that we cannot survive without lust being satisfied. Lust is shortsighted and offers a dim picture of what we truly desire.

Passion is the heart’s fervent hunger and willingness to experience the pain of speaking out, being known, and reaching for our desires. While lust is only skin-deep, passion is heart-deep. Jesus was full of passion.

This Glossary of Heart presents a daily choice for us. The first option keeps us where we are. The second option takes us on a journey into our hearts. It’s the hardest yet most courageous choice we can make. I hope you take the risk.

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