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Individual Counseling

We all want life to work. The problem is that it doesn’t. Our well-meaning attempts to make life work often become patterns that keep us from living fully. When we can’t change these patterns on our own we get stuck. When life isn’t working, we’re here to help.

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Couples Counseling

Whether you’ve been with your partner for four months or forty years...Whether you’re thinking about getting married, engaged, or dating seriously... Or you’re just trying to figure your relationship out, we often need help navigating it all.

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Group Counseling

When you’re going through life’s greatest hardships, loneliness can overpower any and all will to change. Connect with other people like you through group counseling.

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Therapeutic Yoga

If you are looking to alleviate tension, relieve stress, and improve overall well-being, we encourage you to try Yin Yoga.

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Intensive Short-Term Therapy

Intensive support, guidance, and interventions, can lead to rapid progress and outcomes.

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Dive deep into your personal growth and healing supported by experienced therapists and a focused environment.

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We are always looking for motivated, passionate individuals to join our team. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, you're passionate about growth and life change, or want to participate with and learn from a team of exceptional counselors, fill out one of our forms to get started.

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