2-Day Therapeutic Workshops

In Person in Nashville, Tennessee

Dive deep into yourpersonal growth and healing supported by experienced therapists and a focused environment.

In a 2-day workshop you can expect: 

To heal through relationship

To practice doing relationship in a safe and supportive environment allowing for deeper healing and long term growth and change.

To develop a deep foundational understanding about how you were made and what you were made for

Coordinated lessons with the therapeutic process to maximize effectiveness of program

A small size* and focused format to allow each participant to address key themes unique to their story

*Because the workshop size is limited to no more than 16 people (4-1 participant to faculty ratio), participants benefit from highly individualized approach.

Ask For Help

Call 615-499-5453 and speak with our Client Care Coordinator who will match you with the right counselor.

Show Up

What you're going through is hard. We will meet you there and help bring deeper understanding to your problems.

Begin to Heal

We’ll be the first to tell you that counseling isn’t a quick fix to your problems. But we’re here with you on the path to healing.

You Can Find Meaning From Pain and Live a Fulfilling Life.