Slow down and settle in

Trauma Informed Yin Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee

If you are looking to alleviate tension, relieve stress, and improve overall well-being, we encourage you to try Yin Yoga.  

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is helpful for those who:

✓ Hold tension in their bodies
✓ Experience recurring physical pain or discomfort
✓ Have a history of trauma
✓ Are disconnected from their bodies
✓ Want a space to slow down

Meet Your Instructor

What started as her own personal therapeutic journey has transformed into a passion to see clients experience holistic healing. After experiencing a boat accident in 2014, trauma informed yoga was a pivotal tool in Callie's personal healing. Years later, she decided that focusing more on the body in her own career path would be what Parker Palmer describes as "listening to [her] life."

After graduating college, Callie moved to Portugal to volunteer for a year. In 2020, she began working with Sage Hill as our Client Care and Operations Coordinator. Continuing to follow the breadcrumbs of her passions and interests, she pursued additional certification to partner with the therapists at Sage Hill to offer clients a holistic way of addressing and confronting deeply held pain. She plans to start a Doctoral in Physical Therapy in the fall of 2024.

While yoga is a primary passion of Callie's she finds herself lifting heavy weights and going on walks with her Mini-Aussie, Billie, these days. Hiking, cooking, gardening, and film photography are all hobbies you could find her spending her time on when not at work.

Upcoming Classes

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